Advantages of UHMWPE board

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UHMWPE sheet is a kind of magical plastic in people’s eyes. Because UHMWPE sheet has strong wear resistance, it is more wear-resistant than steel, weathering, anti-aging, self-lubricating, very low friction coefficient, excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, superior impact resistance, and high tensile strength. Non-toxic, odorless, anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant; relatively low water absorption, no adhesion, light weight, easy to operate and maintain, not rot, cracking or cracking; 100% recyclable.

UHMWPE boards are used in many fields. In the past, it was mainly used for liners, truck liners, coal liners, cement silo liners, and grain silo liners. Now it will be more and more widely used. With the advent of the energy shortage of steel, more and more fields have begun to choose plastic instead of steel.

If your industry needs wear-resistant, impact-resistant, self-lubricating, and corrosion-resistant products, please feel free to contact us for details.

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