Small size synthetic ice rink for home use

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Ice skating is becoming more and more popular. The reasons of Synthetic ice popular is without site limit and season limit. You can skate it in any place and any season. People want to build a small size ice rink at home so that they can enjoy the skating fun anytime in a day. Synthetic ice rink can help your dream come true!

For some learning and hockey enthusiast, the skate aids and rink barrier is necessary. Henan Okay Plastic rink barrier material using HDPE with steel, it’s strong and beautiful, it has non-absorbent, impact resistance advantage, more and more customers like build a set of synthetic ice rink with barrier.

It is made of UHMWPE composite material, no harm to the body, excellent self-lubricating, wear resistant, corrosion resistant and so on. You can build it in your basement, garage or in the garden. You can skate or play hockey on it. It will bring your family so much fun!

We can meet your idea for any size ice rink build. More details, free to contact us.

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