Why is HDPE waterproof?

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The reason polyethylene repels water is because there is no possibility of hydrogen bonding or strong dipole-dipole attraction between the polymer and water. Since there is no intermolecular attraction between ethylene and water, the monomeric ethylene itself is insoluble in water.
The excellent waterproof performance of HDPE makes HDPE have a wide range of application scenarios, such as:

HDPE geomembrane
HDPE geomembrane is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, does not produce any harmful substances, and is a better choice for environmental protection, aquaculture and drinking water pools.

hdpe geomembrane

HDPE boat
HDPE can also be used as ship board, why is HDPE a good material for shipbuilding
1. Zero corrosion. HDPE is unaffected by salt, oxygen and water
2. High impact resistance
3. Low carbon footprint and recyclability
4. Flexible Design
5. Marine Growth Resistance
6. Anti-UV

hdpe boat

HDPE drain pipe
What are the advantages of HDPE as a drainage pipe?
1. Good chemical stability: HDPE molecules have no polarity, good chemical stability, do not breed algae and bacteria, do not scale, and are environmentally friendly products.
2. the connection strength is good: the use of socket electric fusion or butt hot fusion, less joints, no leakage.
3. Small water flow resistance: The inner surface of the HDPE pipe is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the flow rate is large.
4. Good resistance to low temperature brittleness: the brittle temperature is (-40℃), and special protection measures are not required during construction under general low temperature conditions (0℃).
5. Good wear resistance: The comparison test of wear resistance between HDPE pipes and steel pipes shows that the wear resistance of HDPE pipes is 4 times that of steel pipes.
6. Strong compressive ability: It has good impact resistance, even if there is a water hammer that is 2.5 times the nominal pressure, it will not cause any damage to the pipeline.
7. Anti-aging and long service life: HDPE pipes can be stored or used outdoors for 50 years without being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

hdpe drain pipe

How durable is HDPE plastic?
HDPE has demonstrated strong surface durability compared to other plastics. It is impact-resistant and even scratch-resistant, which is common in bathroom dividers and storage cabinets.

HDPE can also be applied to a wider range of fields, HDPE can be used as a cutting board in compliance with FDA food standards, HDPE can be used as 2 color hdpe sheets for playground entertainment facilities and so on.

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  • UHMWPE Bridge Bearing
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