How much is the price of UHMWPE sheet?

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Most people are more concerned about this issue no matter what product they purchase. It is undoubtedly very important to purchase cost-effective products.
We all know that in the plastics industry, the price of raw materials fluctuates greatly, the raw materials used are different, the product prices are different; the processing technology is different, the product prices are different; the production specifications are different, the prices are different. There is also the place where the sheet you purchase is going to be used in, how is the use environment, and whether there are special requirements for the product. These require specific consultation to have a certain number. Therefore, if you purchase polymer sheets, you should consult the manufacturer or the manufacturer. Dealers, the general dealer price is higher than the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s factory price direct supply!

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Is it possible to purchase products only by product price?
Henan Okay, a UHMWPE sheet manufacturer, reminds you that although the price of the product is important, the quality should also be considered.


  • Ground Protection Mat
  • UHMWPE Bridge Bearing
  • UHMWPE Bridge Bearing
  • UHMWPE Sheet
  • Borated Polyethylene Sheet
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